Furniture Solutions


Wall Beds

Home office by day, guest room by night. Maximize the space you have with our Murphy wall beds.
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Home Office

Whether you're paying bills or running a home-based business, we'll help you create a more organized and functional workspace for your home office needs.
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Small Commercial Office

Design a small commercial office with office furniture that fits the way you and your staff work,. Watch efficiency and productivity rise with the help from Techline!
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Storage Solutions

Display or stow away. Make the most of every inch of your space with custom storage systems and modular storage cabinets from Techline Twin Cites.
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Customized Solutions

Customized solutions for your space and needs
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Platform beds, storage headboards, wardrobes, dressers, and more. We'll build in all the features you need for the bedroom of your dreams, including plenty of storage.
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Techline Replacement Slides

Contact us if you need replacement slides for classic techline. We have sourced out slides made to the exact specifications of the original slides. They are not available from Techline USA nor are they manufactured by Accuride anymore. They are 16.75" long, 1" high, and 3/8" thick. $19 a pair plus shipping.
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